As a thank you to the community for your continued support, we have created a program to assist local charities in their causes by donating our time and technology services.


Which charities have participated?

Which charities are eligible?

  • To be eligible, the charity must have a physical address within Beaufort County and verifiable 501c(3) status.

Can a recipient select the type of donation?

  • At this time, the answer is no. When a recipient is selected, they will be contacted an offered a specific type of donation. If they decline this donation, we will select another charity.

Can I recommend a type of a donation for a particular recipient?

  • We will take all recommendations into consideration.

What types of donations are you considering?

  • We have not limited the donation type to any one area, but have decided to open up all the services that we offer as a possibility for donation.

How can I be kept up to date on this program?

  • We will be continually updating the progress of the program on our Facebook and Twitter Pages. We encourage you not only to follow along, but to provide us with your thoughts and feedback.

When will you select the next recipient?

  • We are currently accepting nominations. Please visit us at Facebook and Twitter.

If you have a question about our CharITy Outreach Program, please do not hesitate to call us at 682-4990 or Email Us.